About IJ McIntyre

Queenage™ is the inspiring philosophy of IJ McIntyre, a lifestyle planning expert for the second half of life. IJ studies, teaches and celebrates the art of living remarkably well as women age.

“Now is the best time ever to be a woman on the upside of 45!” proclaims IJ.

“We have decades of living ahead. We will enjoy unprecedented levels of action, adventure and achievement. We have opportunities before us that our mothers and grandmothers could have never imagined.”

But entering your personal Queenage™ doesn’t come automatically from
having lived for a certain number of years. Being a Queenager™ is
about so much more than the year on your birth certificate.

Queenage is an Attitude!

IJ McIntyre invites you into the Queenage™. Nurture your
own Queenage attitude by signing up for her e-notes,
blog and podcasts. You’ll love her unique blend of heart-
spun wisdom and real-life research. She’s lawyer smart
and farm girl friendly. She has a smile that lights up a
room and draws people in to learn and laugh.

Check IJ’s speaking schedule for opportunities to attend
one of her upbeat and amusing presentations. She delivers
keynotes and workshops for professional associations,
corporations and women’s conferences.

Join IJ in the Queenage™.
It’s your time to reign!

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