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About Queenage™

A marvellous new era is beckoning women – the glorious Queenage™. It’s time for us to drop the gloom and doom attitudes towards getting older. Let’s stride with confidence into the future and embrace the good fortune, fulfillment and fun of the Queenage™.

The Queenage™ Attitude

The Queenage™ attitude is bigger, stronger and far more empowering and hopeful than the youth-obsessed advertising culture. As Queenagers we value the earlier years that have shaped who we are. But Queenagers don’t waste time longing for the bygone days of youthful naiveté and inexperience. We revel in all the great facets of life today and look forward to all the future has to offer.

Break Out the Good China

Queenage™ is a time of personal power, poise, and possibilities. A time to break out the good china and celebrate who you are. A time to do the things you’ve always dreamed of, but may have put on hold for too many years.

Confidence & Girlish Glee

Queenage™ is a time of confidence, contribution and contentment. But it is certainly not all pomp and circumstance. We may have bid farewell to our girlish figures, but there’s still plenty of opportunity for girlish glee.

Queenage™ is the inspiring philosophy of IJ McIntyre, a lifestyle planning expert for the second half of life. IJ studies, teaches and celebrates the art of living remarkably well as women age.

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